Wednesday 3 March 2010

A Joystiq-shaped Megaphone

Joystiq Logo

Justin McElroy, of uber gaming blog Joystiq, was kind enough to take some time out from covering quintuple-A releases to talk to me about Stargazy Studios this week.

Justin put a shout out on his Twitter feed to indie devs looking to tell the world a little about themselves. I realised that during the whirlwind of activity it took to get Stargazy booted, I'd not taken a breath to let people know what I'm doing and why. Joystiq's invitation was an ideal opportunity to exhale and spread the word.

In the interview I talk a bit about how Stargazy Studios was started, and what I'm striving to achieve. I also name and give a high level overview of my current project, Huscarlas.

I fully intend to get myself out of bed at PAX East for the Joystiq Blueberry Muffin Tops Breakfast. If you'd like to say high over a bowl of sugary treats, then look out for the big British chap who's definitely not a morning person.

You can read the interview over at Joystiq now:

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