Monday 21 June 2010

indievision Interval

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indievision was set up by Icon's Richard Hill-Whittall to support the worldwide blooming of the indie games scene. It provides articles and news on design, development and business, as well as actively aiding independent developers in need.

My friend Byron recently signed on to help with the editorial for the site, and was kind enough to ask me to write an article. As I'd recently completed my three-part blog series addressing The Quad design model, I was able to combine the meat of these posts into one article for indievision. It serves as a good primer for considering game design using The Quad, and I think the content benefited from another editorial sweep.

08/09/2012 Update: the indievision domain has gone through a number of iterations, and The Quad content is no longer hosted there.

The piece was a combination of these two Quad design articles, still available to be read on this blog:

The Quad: An Introduction
The Quad: Using It

If you find these articles useful, I recommend that you read my follow up blog post, where I go on to analyse how the differences between traditional media and videogames have affected game design.


  1. The link at the end doesn't lead to the proper IndieVision site...

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Emerald. Indievision have changed their domain name, so I've updated all the links. You should be able to click through now.

    The Indievision piece is a consolidation of the first two Quad articles on this blog. If you want to read it in more bite-size chunks, check them out.

    There's also a follow-up blog post concerning the heavy reliance on Psychology in AAA retail games.